Night ride to Lymington Friday 19th September 2014

So we ride again on our third time to Lymington departing Reading at midnight.

Our past 2 rides to Lymington captured the imaginations of several outside of Reading CTC so much so that half the group came from outside of the “greater” Reading area.  We’re constrained only by the size of the ferry between Southampton and Hythe over the river Test; it’s a small one so first come first served.

We clear the urbanity of Reading within 20 minutes and there’s barely a call of “Car up/car down” until around 6am.  Our route dives on a more or less south-south-west direction through Basingstoke (you’ll be glad it’s dark) and Winchester via the spookiest underground route, stopping awhile for a cuppa at 3pm beside a 24 hour petrol station – if that doesn’t float your boat then bring your own choice of refreshments.  Our speed is dictacted by the Hythe Ferry which starts at 7.30am but there’s a fairish cafe at the port to while away the wait.

A couple of changes to note for this year.  We start at Reading Station (South-side besides the Three Guineas pub) and our end is a different cafe but with new improved views of the Solent (slighty pricier but I’m attempting to negotiating a “deal”).

Train back from Lymington although you’ll probably do better to ride first to Brockenhurst and catch a more direct train from there (the train manager last year on the Lymington to Brockenhurst stretch was a bit…well, awkward would be polite).

It will be cold at night so wrap up warm and do ensure your bike is serviced before the ride.

This is how to join in so I can arrange the ferry and breakfast.

Reading CTC members:  Let me know.

CTC members from outside of the Reading CTC member group?  Can I have your CTC membership number and mobile number please.

Non-CTC member?  No problem, I just need to know and can only have 5 on the ride. Oh, and your mobile number.

We’ll operate the usual procedures of back-marking and way-marking to ensure the safety of the ride and most importantly, we don’t leave anyone behind.  So no matter your speed we’ll keep the ride moving in the right direction and all together.  This is a Reading CTC ride;  social cycling for all.

Questions?  The usual address,, and number, 07846 219114.


Simon Bird

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Bike Week 14-22 June 2014

Reading CTC are pleased to be taking an active role in this year’s National Bike Week event through a varied programme of on and off-road rides open to everyone.

We have publicised these through the Bike Week website  as well as on the events page shown above so please do dust of your bike and come out in force during the week!

We have some specially produced “Space for Cycling/ Reading CTC” T-Shirts and High Visibility tops which are FREE for ride leaders or anyone introducing a newcomer during June.

Remember we also have some marvellous Reading CTC bike stickers which can be worn on clothing as well as your bike-’great for a night out down the pub, going shopping etc!!

There are also lots of non CTC rides and events taking place in the Reading area during bike week which include:

Saturday 14th June 10am-2pm – Opening of Reading Bicycle Kitchen-  Jacksons Corner

University of Reading – Bike Week event – Sunday 16th June. 11.30am-1.30pm. Palmer Building, Whiteknight’s Campus Reading, Berkshire RG2 7BW

Reading Cycle Festival, Saturday 21st June  1-4.30pm.

Cycle Challenge will take place to reach a total of 340 miles which equals distance between Reading and Paris. Palmer Park Sports Stadium Wokingham Road Reading, Berkshire RG6 1LF

So take a look at the site and come along to join in the fun while supporting local cycling.

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Reading CTC committee – on-road liaison

Following the AGM in October many members will be aware that I’m your new on-road contact on the committee for 2013/14.  The main function of the On-road Liaison post is to assist the Runs secretary in co-ordinating road rides of all kinds for the quarterly list.  Additionally, if there is anything that you, as CTC members wish to say to the committee about the on-road rides or activities of the group, you can contact me on my ‘official’ email address  If you don’t currently lead rides and would like to give it a try, send me a mail.

John Lomas

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Access to past rides available.

You can now view past rides on the website, we have rides going back to March 2006.

Go to the current rides page, click ‘Show past rides’, and then choose the date range you want to see, initially it will show the last 3 months.

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Site being restored

The site is being in the process of restored. Those members who have accounts to log in will not currently be able to use them. Posts since last November have not been restored.

If there is something that is important then email me and I may be able to obtain a clean copy from the database backup.

The runs list is up to date.

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2012 AGM

Update Minutes of the 2012 AGM are available here: 2012 AGM – READING CTC Minutes

The annual reports for the 2012 AGM are available here: Annual reports for Reading CTC 2012 AGM

The minutes from the 2011 AGM are available here: 2011 AGM – READING CTC Minutes

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Bracknell forest car park charges

If you use the Look Out at Bracknell Forest be aware that they are introducing car park charges from the 17th September, click here for more information.

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PDF of rides list available

There is a PDF of the rides list available on the rides page, courtesy of Nick. You might find this more convenient if you want to print the list.

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Filter your ride list

You can now choose which rides to see on the online runs list. Simply select the type of ride you want to see from the the choice above the list.

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AGM Notes

The local rules have been added to the About us page and the AGM minutes are available on the Minutes page. More information has been added to the jerseys page, you can download an advert here.

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