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Whatsapp group for Sunday road rides

I have set up a Whatsapp group to organise and chat about Sunday road rides. You can join the group using this link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CSgaK1pt1hRI6GRFMQ0NFx

Please take care not to share any personal details as the group is open for anyone with the link to join.


We are now working on the Autumn runs list for September-November. We are aiming to finalise the list by the August 14th, so leaders new and old need to act now to avoid disappointment!

If you’re a CTC member and would like to lead a ride, please contact the ride co-ordinators and let them know. They may be able to suggest a suitable ride if you’re stuck for ideas or otherwise have a look at previous runs lists (link below). Or try something different, perhaps a ride that you like or have been wanting to do.

Ride co-ordinators:

* On-road: onroad@readingctc.co.uk

* Off-road: Ian Doyle

Have a look at the draft programme and see where it would fit in with other rides as they are entered.

The full draft programme and any gaps can be viewed:  here

Useful resources:

Reading CTC café map
North Hampshire CTC café map
Previous runs lists