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Trip to Brittany

Cycle camping tour of the “pink granite” coast of Brittany, (The North coast) .
Train to Plymouth, then night ferry to Roscoff on Fri July 6th 2018 returning, day ferry St Malo to Portsmouth Wed 18th July 2018.

Cycle & camp, a couple of 1 night stops, also some 2 or 3 night stops giving time to explore the surrounding area with it’s wonderful coastal scenery.

For more details contact either Allan or Lesley Adams. 0118 98 3044

Take a photo on your ride

Suggested New Years resolution for members. Cycle more (obviously!) and take a photo on each ride to add to the club’s Facebook page.

It could be a group photo of all the riders (check they are happy for photo to be posted on FB), a great view on the ride or the delicious cake you ate. Don’t forget to mention which ride you were on and how many were riding.

If you don’t do FB, send photo to and I will add it to FB. Just another way to publicise the club, gain new members and encourage more cycling.

Happy New Year


We are now working on the Spring runs list for March-May. We are aiming to finalise the list by February 14th, so leaders new and old need to act now to avoid disappointment!

If you’re a CTC member and would like to lead a ride, please contact the ride co-ordinators and let them know. They may be able to suggest a suitable ride if you’re stuck for ideas or otherwise have a look at previous runs lists (link below). Or try something different, perhaps a ride that you like or have been wanting to do.

Ride co-ordinators:

* On-road: Simon Bird

* Off-road: Ian Doyle

Have a look at the draft programme and see where it would fit in with other rides as they are entered.

The full draft programme and any gaps can be viewed:  here

Useful resources:

Reading CTC café map
North Hampshire CTC café map
Previous runs lists