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We are now working on the Spring rides list for March – May. We are aiming to finalise the list by February 14th, so please consider leading a ride.

This is your opportunity to ride to a destination of your choosing, at a pace and distance you are comfortable with, in the company of fellow members. If you have not led a ride before and need advice contact the Ride co-ordinators or discuss your concerns with fellow members. You don’t need any special training to lead*, just get on your bike and don’t lose anyone! If you can’t lead on a Sunday, how about a ride on Saturday? *you might want to check out the resources on our website,

If you’re stuck for ideas or otherwise have a look at previous runs lists (link below). Or try something different, how about organising a ride to one of the following suggestions:

  • a British cycle quest location
  • Yattendon & Frilsham fete
  • do the Twyfest treasure hunt on bikes instead of in a car (check if allowed by organisers first)
  • a beer festival. check dates for local festivals at
  • a garden. Check opening dates on the national open garden scheme at

Don’t forget the Club’s Birthday ride will be on Sunday 28th April at The New Inn, Kidmore End and we will soon be asking for award nominations.

If you’re a CTC member and would like to lead a ride, please contact the ride co-ordinators.

* On-road: Simon Bird

* Off-road: Ian Doyle

Have a look at the draft programme and see where it would fit in with other rides as they are entered.

The full draft programme and any gaps can be viewed:  here

Useful resources:Reading CTC café map
North Hampshire CTC café map
Previous runs lists

Volunteers needed to pilot a tandem

This is one of our occasional calls for volunteers to pilot a tandem owned and maintained by Bob Bristow. For those who might not know him Bob is visually handicapped and we have over the years maintained a rota of volunteer pilots so Bob can participate regularly in club runs or other rides on mutually convenient dates.
Of late the rota has all but ceased to exist as people have become unavailable but Bob is keen as ever to get out on the bike. Anyone who thinks they might be interested in piloting for Bob please contact him on 01189582056 and he will gladly discuss a suitable date for a trial ride. No previous experience is necessary. Bob has cycled with a long list of different pilots and is well able to offer advice on the role.