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Spring Rides List

Well, the only good thing I can say about this time of year is, the days are getting longer. I’ve noticed it isn’t pitch black when I get on my bike to cycle home from work.

On a positive note, I have been reliably informed that a CUKR rider emailed the New Inn, Kidmore End to let them know they would be meeting there for lunch on a Tuesday. Instead of telling him, “we don’t open on Tuesdays, you muppet, didn’t you look at the website!” which would have been my response if I was the landlady, they opened the pub especially for the Tuesday riders! So thank you very much to Dora, the landlady and lessons learnt: it is sensible to contact the pub to find out if they are open and polite to let them know you will be visiting.

Second positive note, Thank you to Simon Bird for all his efforts on his first quarter as on road ride coordinator.

On a less positive note, you haven’t made it easy for him. Where are all the Sunday road leaders for the Spring rides list?

There are no road rides on Sunday 11 March, 29 March (which is the date of the Birthday ride to the New Inn and I phoned Dora and booked the pub!), 6 May or 13 May.

Only 1 moderate/brisk ride on 18 March & 15 April.

Only 1 brisk ride on 25 March, 1 April, 22 April, 20 May & 27 May.

Luckily we no longer give Reading Cycle Campaign a quarterly list of rides to publish in their newsletter (they now include a link to our website in their online newsletter), as the Spring rides list which I have published on our website is looking a bit sorry. I know we can add rides at any time but it would be good to have most of the work done at the beginning of the quarter, partly because the committee are all volunteers and we have other jobs to do, earning money to buy parts for our bikes. I find if you don’t book the time in your calendar now, while you are available, some other event will sneak in and then suddenly your calendar is fully booked with things you don’t want to do or you keep putting it off for another week waiting for the sun to appear or the rain to stop or the gold to appear at the bottom of the rainbow. Just make a commitment now! However cold, damp and miserable it seems at the moment, you know you will enjoy the ride when you lead it and you will have given other members the opportunity and encouragement to get out on their bikes.

So please, we need more leisurely and moderate rides on Sundays, email your offers to Simon Bird

and also leisurely and moderate rides on Wednesday evenings, email your offers to runs secretary

Thank you to the off road coordinator and the Wednesday day and Tuesday road ride coordinators for all their efforts this quarter. Your rides are ticking along nicely.

Runs Secretary

Cycle Camp Trip to Tilford, Surrey



We have an invitation from Berks on Bikes MTB club, based in Crowthorne, to join them in an  off road  “bike packers” ride & overnight camp in Surrey.

The off road  route  will be led by guys from “Berks on Bikes”,  starting from the Bracknell/Crowthorne area. They know this area really well & will lead a good ride.    Approx 35 miles.

There will also be an on road route from Reading area, led by Allan Adams, which will join them ,  Approx. 40 miles.

Plenty of time to think about it.       Enquiries to Allan or Lesley Adams  988 3044   or

Trip to Brittany

Cycle camping tour of the “pink granite” coast of Brittany, (The North coast) .
Train to Plymouth, then night ferry to Roscoff on Fri July 6th 2018 returning, day ferry St Malo to Portsmouth Wed 18th July 2018.

Cycle & camp, a couple of 1 night stops, also some 2 or 3 night stops giving time to explore the surrounding area with it’s wonderful coastal scenery.

For more details contact either Allan or Lesley Adams. 0118 98 3044

Take a photo on your ride

Suggested New Years resolution for members. Cycle more (obviously!) and take a photo on each ride to add to the club’s Facebook page.

It could be a group photo of all the riders (check they are happy for photo to be posted on FB), a great view on the ride or the delicious cake you ate. Don’t forget to mention which ride you were on and how many were riding.

If you don’t do FB, send photo to and I will add it to FB. Just another way to publicise the club, gain new members and encourage more cycling.

Happy New Year