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Audax helpers needed – 15th June

Helpers are urgently needed to help run the 3 audax rides on Saturday 15th June.

Particularly one person (preferably 2) are needed to man the village hall in Ashmansworth near Newbury from c. 13:00 – 19:00 (latest). It is not a demanding role other than the commitment in time, and a need for a car to pick up squash, tea, cakes etc from Beech Hill beforehand (c. 12:00).

At Beech Hill, helpers are needed in the morning (07:20-09:00) for the start of the 100km & 200km rides. and in the afternoon and evening when riders are returning from 13:00 onwards (and into the small hours for Ian’s 300km ride if anyone fancies?). Any time that anyone can give will be much appreciated. Please contact either Ian Doyle or Nick Clark (see runs list).

Volunteers needed to pilot a tandem

This is one of our occasional calls for volunteers to pilot a tandem owned and maintained by Bob Bristow. For those who might not know him Bob is visually handicapped and we have over the years maintained a rota of volunteer pilots so Bob can participate regularly in club runs or other rides on mutually convenient dates.
Of late the rota has all but ceased to exist as people have become unavailable but Bob is keen as ever to get out on the bike. Anyone who thinks they might be interested in piloting for Bob please contact him on 01189582056 and he will gladly discuss a suitable date for a trial ride. No previous experience is necessary. Bob has cycled with a long list of different pilots and is well able to offer advice on the role.