Do you know your Earley?

A simple navigation challenge

Visit the town’s 26 notice boards

to find the clues

Note down the clues in the BLUE box and put them in alphabetical order of the RED letters to reveal the answer

The challenge should be about 15 miles, depending on the route you choose

Post your answers, comments and report on missing clues to the Cycling UK Reading Facebook group or email to

This is just for fun – No prizes

Start date: Friday 17th July 2020

Please ride responsibly

To navigate to the clues you can either download a GPX file with the notice board location here:

or here is a tracklog of a possible route:

or use the map below:

or find them though local knowledge

…. or serendipity

or with Google Maps…

or with this Google Maps link to work interactively with the Google Maps App: