Cycle paths on the Sulham Estate

The Sulham Estate is seeking ideas for new cycle access across the estate. The estate lies immediately west of Reading, bounded by Theale to the south and the railway line to the north.

Have a look at the maps and think about what routes could be useful to the wider community. Here’s the low-tech way to participate :-

  1. Print a map off.
  2. Draw your routes on it
  3. Take a photo and send it to together with your thoughts on what makes your route useful.

You don’t need to be constrained by any existing rights of way. Do bear in mind that the estate is essentially flat in the west and hilly in the east. Easy routes up that hill would be very welcome.

Each map shows the boundary of the estate. There are three maps showing differing levels of detail (Google, Ornance Survey 25k and 50k).

Simon Bird
Runs Secretary, Cycling UK Reading