Wiltshire Cycleway Tour – June/ July 2013

Tour outline:

  1. This is to be a 4 day tour based around the Wiltshire Cycleway – an on-road  route that has been around for a while now, promoted by Wiltshire County Council.
  2. I have found myself cycling along sections of it in the past and have found it to be a fine route, and have long fancied doing the whole route, but have not had the time until now!
  3. It will be a long weekend : Saturday 29th June – Tuesday 2nd July starting and ending in Great Bedwyn, just west of Hungerford.
  4. Roughly 30-40 miles per day.
  5. There is the option of adding a day either end if you want to cycle to/from the start (I may do this myself). Otherwise Great Bedwyn station is a direct train ride from Reading.
  6. Start time from Great Bedwyn on day 1 yet to be decided. I need to check train times and train types.

Camping options near start/ finish (link)

Train times on Saturday morning leaving Reading:

1) 07:35  (arrive 08:18)

2) 08:48 (arrive 09:44)

& there is another service at 08:18 requiring a change at Newbury and 09:04 (bit tight)

Day 1      Bedwyn to Malmesbury

Start time 09:45

The route (39 miles)

En-route: Marlborough 11’s (12 miles). Lunch at the Trotting Horse, Bushton? (24 miles)

Camp site:  Burton Hill Camp Site

Day 2        Malmesbury to Frome

Route (37 miles)

Camp site – Seven Acres Campsite – B&B in Frome?

Day 3   to Salisbury

Longer route (47 miles)


Shorter route (30 miles quite flat and leisurely much along the Wylye Valley)


Campsite  ( for the long and short routes – B&B in Salisbury)

Day 4     Salisbury to Gt Bedwyn

Route  (draft 33.1m)


Cycling to and from the start?

B&Bs in Hungerford or see link above for camping options

…or cycle on the day from Reading – c. 35 miles along A4

 Nick Clark


07866 033 638